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Center Perspectives: Using the Care Net Name | Part 3

Center Perspectives: Using the Care Net Name | Part 3

Apr 02 2019

This is the third in a series of three posts about Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers that are finding success using the Care Net name in the name of their center. This third post is a Q&A with Linda King of Care Net Pregnancy Center of Frederick. 

Care Net (CN): How long have you been using "Care Net" in your center's name?

Linda King (LK): I believe that we changed our name around 1999/2000.

CN: If you remember, what caused your center to use the Care Net name instead of something else?

LK: When our center was started in 1983 our name was Frederick County Crisis Pregnancy Center, Inc. Back in 1983 if you were facing an unplanned pregnancy out of wedlock, it felt like a crisis. By the late 90's it was not viewed as a crisis any longer. We knew we wanted to change our name to eliminate the word crisis. At that time, Guy Condon was presenting his vision of promoting the name of Care Net nationwide. Not only promoting it, but branding it in such a way that when people saw (or heard) the name of Care Net they would know what services to expect from a Care Net center. He was promoting a billboard initiative across the nation to reflect the name of Care Net as well. We thought this was a great idea and chose to include Care Net in our name change.

CN: Have you ever considered changing your name to something without "Care Net" in it? If so, what caused you to stick with the Care Net name?

LK: We have considered another name change but the discussion has been to keep Care Net in our name.

CN: Describe what you like best about using Care Net in your center name.

LK: I like the word "care" in the name because it resonates with people. Everyone likes the idea of being cared for. I also like the reputation of Care Net National and believe that keeping Care Net in our name helps validate our services and how we deliver these services.


CN: Tell us about an exciting success you are having at the center.

LK: We have a Just for Guys class for men. We had a client that was in a local shelter for men going through their "Changed Life" program. Part of that program is working through inner healing of past decisions and woundedness. One of the guys had been involved in two abortion decisions and recognized that he needed help to heal from these decisions. He was referred to our center. He worked through the Forgiven and Set Free post-abortion Bible study with one of our male volunteers. It was wonderful to see him realize his responsibility in these two decisions and receive healing from the Lord.

CN: How likely are you to recommend the use of the Care Net name to other pregnancy centers? Please explain.

LK: I would encourage a center to include the name of Care Net in the name of their center, which would hopefully ensure that centers are adhering to the best practices required by Care Net National. I believe that Guy Condon's vision is still important today. Just as Planned Parenthood is known throughout our nation, I would love to see Care Net known as well. One way this could happen is to have centers include Care Net in their name.


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