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Center Perspectives: Using the Care Net Name | Part 1

Center Perspectives: Using the Care Net Name | Part 1

Feb 18 2019

This is the first in a series of three posts about Care Net-affiliated pregnancy centers that are finding success using the Care Net name in the name of their center. This first post is a Q&A with Laura Squier of Care Net Pregnancy Center of NEPA. 

Care Net (CN): How long have you been using "Care Net" in your center's name?

Laura Squier (LS): I believe it was around 2000 that we took the name as a DBA.

CN: What caused your center to use the Care Net name instead of something else?

LS: I was not part of the organization at that time but my understanding is that they wanted to become more than just a "crisis pregnancy center," which was the title previously. I think there may have been encouragement from the national level to adopt the name at that time in an effort to have strength through unifying under one name.

CN: Have you ever considered changing your name to something without "Care Net" in it? If so, what caused you to stick with the Care Net name?

LS: We have considered changing names. I have attended many sessions at the national conference where the presenters talk about the great names they have and why they chose them and they are things like "First Choices for Women" or "Life Choices" or things of that nature. As a new director, I was influenced by these veterans and their rationale. However, when we would come home and discuss it, we never wanted to give up the reputation that we already had established under the Care Net name and frankly, we are very proud (in a good way) to bear the name. I do believe that there is strength for us nationally in having a nationally recognized name. Care Net has a great reputation and it is a wonderful ministry umbrella. We wholeheartedly align with its mission and vision and we utilize its resources. When I speak, especially to donors, it lends credibility that we have an association much larger than our own centers that is giving us best practice standards both physically and spiritually. The only thing I would change in our name is to add the word RESOURCE between Pregnancy and Center. Most people just call us Care Net.

CN: Describe what you like best about using Care Net in your center name.

LS: The national association. I believe it gives us a lot of credibility with donors. Locally, our clients do not really know about nor understand our national affiliation, but we can speak of it with our donors and they can look up who we are as a national organization and it is impressive. If we had our own independent name, people wouldn't understand our affiliation and the strength of this work as a larger ministry.

CN: Describe what you like least about using Care Net in your center name.

LS: Again - I mentioned above that I wish "Resource" was in our name, just because it is more descriptive for people who don't know about us. But I don't have anything that I don't like about the Care Net part of our name. (And for the record, the teal heart is cool!!) I am proud and grateful to be a Care Net center!

CN: According to our data, centers using Care Net in their name see a higher percentage of at-risk clients than centers who don't. Have you found this to be true in your experience?

LS: I don't have anything to compare that to--I trust your data.

CN: Please share any stories you have about clients or donors where the Care Net name had an impact in some way. If not specifically about the Care Net name, please share some "highlight" that your center has experienced recently, a major success or innovation or the like.

LS: I can't think of something specific to the name other than people say often "we love Care Net"...both donors and clients.

CN: Tell us about some other exciting successes you are having at the center.

LS: This weekend, we have a ministry going on at the largest church in our area (6 campuses). We have talked with the pastoral team about the need to reach our churches with the life / abundant life message and the percentages of abortions from church attendees as well as the great need for healing of post-abortive people. 

They have taken this to heart. One of our Surrendering the Secret clients (4 years ago) now works with us as a leader in our AAR (Anonymous Abortion Recovery) program. They have created a testimony video with her story of abuse, bad choices, self-harm, etc and her story of healing, forgiveness, God's amazing grace, family restoration, spiritual transformation. The pastors are speaking on abortion and presenting it full of truth and grace. We will have team members at every campus to pray with people and our AAR cards will be on all of the seats for people to easily pick-up to "give to someone they know who might need help". 

They also have a box to check on the communication card which they will present as to volunteer, to find out about services, to get AAR help so that it gives cover to people. They could be checking that box for any number of reasons. So this is pretty big for us. We are praying earnestly about it. The video is God be the glory. May He heal our churches first and then our land!

CN: How likely are you to recommend the use of the Care Net name to other pregnancy centers? Please explain.

LS: I am likely. In fact, I already have!

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