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2017 Center Service Report - NOW available!

2017 Center Service Report - NOW available!

Jul 30 2018

You and your pregnancy center are part of God's transforming work: saving lives, changing hearts, and building healthy families.

 But what kind of difference do centers actually make? The data you submit annually allows us to answer that question. Care Net's statistician and design team have worked together to give you an easy to use 2017 Center Service Report demonstrating the impact of pregnancy centers in the United States. And, good news, the total value of the services you provided increased by $7,000,000 over calendar year 2016!

Get creative as you use this report to inform your donors, staff, volunteers, and community leaders of how you participate in this positive, life-empowering work. 

Download the report now and share the powerful highlight images with your supporters.

Center Service & Community Savings Report



Community Savings Report - Shareable Highlights




Interested in a state-specific savings report?

Now available: Preview State Savings Reports


  • Illustrates the value of the services centers in your state offered
  • Co-branded with your state association
  • State-specific statistical analysis
  • Show elected officials and business leaders your impact at a glance

Click to preview the template and contact for details and pricing. 


Eve Gleason is Care Net's Director of Center Services

Doing life with my husband, our dog, our church family, the Care Net team, and our Loudoun county community. We've been foster parents too - which brings a whole different perspective to being life-affirming.